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Pls read the whole post before responding. We’re looking for a few piercings for our apprentice tomorrow (Sun) between noon and 2pm. A lot of ppl don’t show up though when we pick them from the list. Can you please be sure that you will be able to make it before responding, thanks. We’re looking […]

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When I recorded this video, my hope was if I shared it, it would reach many individuals and facilitate them recognize a lot of concerning our very little corner of the planet. You all took it to an entire new level and determined you were planning to do your best to form positive as many […]

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I really love my mother but I’m stuck on advice. I said a lot but because my mother has a lot of burden, wish I could compensate for my mother now. Shameful for “those guys”. I do not understand all the pain she is suffering but I also get some of the Since the day my […]


In jazz ensembles it is part of the rhythm section and is occasionally played as a solo instrument. In popular music the guitar is usually amplified, and ensembles frequently include more than one instrument, a lead guitar for solos, another for rhythm, and a bass guitar to play bass lines. Guitar whisper words of wisdom let […]

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=> Buy it now: Beautiful The Republican Club Poster  The larger border cities in Texas for the Snoopy I may look like I’m resting but in my head I’m very busy shirt few years have had the highest safety rating available. I have one room available and it would be like living in a penthouse to […]

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It’s not that rural ey,, because even though there are nice rondavels there is also a big modern house too,, as soon as the car stopped,, she knew there was no turning back now she is going to be seen by his family at least her mom knows that she is this side since it’s […]

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I cry some nights thinking about how unfair life was to her and why she had to suffer at the end. Some women out there feel like they have to have a man under them every night. As far as me I’m good with or without. I been out there and did it all. Shhh […]

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=>Buy it now: Where to buy – Raise Your Hand If You Still Like Beer Judge Kavanaugh shirt Well if you actually reported news instead of whining, he might not be so mean to you. Doesn’t she realize how ridiculous that is when you consider trumps entire administration is the I was normal three Dogs ago […]

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=> Buy it now: For fans – Bassist Samurai Guitar shirt She was put there to dismantle public education and steer federal funds to religious private schools. An entire cabinet of unqualified morons who have absolutely no idea what the Merry Christmas go camping shirt they are doing. This near billionaire could’ve spent her days sailing […]

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Really, some of u adoptees and others have WAY too much time on ur hands….I have run into 2 crazy asses in the last two days and im SICK of it.Don’t be passive aggressive and write an entire blog about me and my “insensitivity” to others….I have EVERY right to be happy about meeting my birth mom…and u […]